Available in fungible and non-fungible token (NFT) variety blends. Taste the sweet aroma of coffee bean digital asset tokens issued on Tezos.

TEZEX ยป Tezos Digital Asset Exchange

TEZEX is a digital asset exchange that facilitates FOREX trading on the Tezos blockchain with Tezos-based stablecoins. TEZEX will also facilitate commodities tokens for physical assets, such as land, gold and other precious metals, as well as agricultural commodities such as soy beans and โ€” you guessed it, coffee!

Institutional Partners

Our public list of exchange partners will be posted here later and it is by no means finished. We're always looking for new friends and partners. If you have a digital asset exchange and you are interested in promoting Tezos Coffee tokens in your ecosystem, contact the folks at Wealthchain.

 Even if you don't drink it ๐Ÿ™„ everyone that you know does.

Despite the rise of sports drinks, energy shots, and other alternatives, coffee is still #1 and growing worldwide

Learn the facts! #coffeetrading

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